Twin Pregnancy: Symptoms, Signs, And Body Changes

The most obvious symptom of twin pregnancy occurs before you even know you’re pregnant when one egg is fertilized and two zygotes are created, each with its own placenta and umbilical cord. If you don’t know whether you’re carrying twins or not, however, the rest of your symptoms are likely to give you away. Below are some common twin pregnancy symptoms that you may be experiencing if this is your first time expecting twins.

Elevated Beta-hCG Levels

twin pregnancy

One of the most common twin pregnancy symptoms is elevated beta-hCG levels, which indicate that there are at least two fetuses in your uterus. However, it’s important to note that a positive pregnancy test and increased beta-hCG levels don’t necessarily mean that you have multiple babies on board; they could also be caused by other things like implantation bleeding or an ectopic pregnancy.

Severe Fatigue in Twin Pregnancy

We’ve all heard it. The first trimester is supposed to be one of (if not THE) worst parts of pregnancy. While that may be true for singleton pregnancies, multiple pregnancy fatigue can be significantly worse. The Terrible Twos have nothing on a twin pregnancy. There are physical and emotional reasons why you feel so tired and they may surprise you! Keep reading to learn more about severe fatigue during twin pregnancy.

Doppler Heartbeat Count

twin pregnancy

When it comes to twins, every number counts. The Doppler Heartbeat Count is a new way to track your pregnancy with your heartbeats. It’s easy and fun – all you have to do is take one minute of your day and count how many times you hear one or more heartbeats. How many do you hear? It could be one, it could be two…or it could be three or four! With twins on board, expect triplets!

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Abnormal AFP Test Results

Your AFP test results are important when you’re pregnant with twins. A high AFP result means you have a greater chance of having higher-order multiples, while a low AFP result means you might be carrying fraternal twins instead of identical ones. Your doctor will discuss these results during your checkup and explain what each result means for your pregnancy.

Measuring Large

twin pregnancy

When you’re pregnant with twins, it’s hard to know how much your baby has grown in one week and how much weight he or she has gained. You may have heard that you should measure from belly button to belly button. While it’s true that measuring around your belly can give you a sense of your growing babies, for twins it is important to also use ultrasound as part of your monthly visits with a doctor or midwife so you know exactly how big they are.

Gut Feelings in Twin Pregnancy

One of the first signs of pregnancy for a woman carrying twins is an increased sense of knowing. Yes, it sounds strange, but many twin moms-to-be report having strong feelings that they are carrying multiples. Such feelings are likely due to a combination of hormonal changes and sheer curiosity on your part.

Is Twin Pregnancy Safe?

twin pregnancy

If you are trying to get pregnant and want a shot at conceiving twins, your best bet is to contact a fertility specialist and ask about treatment options. This could mean intrauterine insemination (IUI) or assisted reproductive technology (ART), like in vitro fertilization (IVF). In any case, it’s important to be prepared for one pregnancy at a time. Instead of cluttering up your body with multiple embryos, which can increase your risk of miscarriage. focus on getting healthy and having one baby at a time.


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