Top 6 Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant massage (also known as baby massage) is the act of massaging babies and young children in order to improve their health and well-being, among other reasons. Recent studies have shown that infant massage can help with everything from weight gain to stress reduction. Increasing the chances of developing long-term effects on overall health and well-being in infants and young children. Here are six of the biggest benefits of infant massage.


Effects on Babies with Colic

New research has found that babies with colic were soothed by a gentle massage. The researchers looked at two groups of infants, one with colic and one without, who were given back massages. Otherwise, kangaroo care after they cried. Colicky babies who received massages fell asleep faster than their peers and those babies also had fewer bouts of crying afterward. Both groups showed similar improvements in sleeping time and other measures, but only infants with colic showed a decrease in fussiness. That could be because kangaroo care requires more contact. Holding your baby on your chest), while a back massage is easier to do as part of a daily routine.


 Improves Motor Development

Infant massage therapy can improve an infant’s motor development when performed on a regular basis. As a parent, you will be amazed at how quickly your child’s physical abilities develop in their first years. Furthermore, massaging an infant relieves them from tension or discomfort when they are teething or developing new skills such as sitting up for longer periods of time. The only way to receive these benefits is through touch and by working with an expert. You can ensure that your child receives all these benefits.


Helps With Digestion

When babies cry and refuse to eat, it can often be because they’re gassy or uncomfortable in some way. If your baby is younger than three months old, she may benefit from a massage. The gentle stroking is not only relaxing but may also help improve digestion—especially if she has trouble pooping. Because infants don’t have a lot of control over their bodies, massaging their belly can encourage their system to move things along more quickly. And if you do it after every meal, even better!


Soothes Fussy Behavior

Babies need to be comforted. No matter what kind of baby you have, you’re going to experience fussy moments—usually when they’re sleepy or hungry. They might cry and fuss for a few minutes before calming down again, but it can sometimes feel like hours pass. This is where infant massage comes in handy—it helps your baby wind down and relaxes in less than 20 minutes. You can use infant massage as a preventive method or when your baby is already fussy.


Builds Bonding

There’s a reason parents and babies tend to look so dazed after an infant massage: it feels amazing. And there are plenty of scientifically-proven benefits, too, like lowering stress levels and blood pressure for both mom and baby. But perhaps most importantly, infant massage helps build a bond between parent and child. As anyone who’s ever had a newborn knows, snuggling with your baby is important. During an infant massage session, you can focus on bonding with your little one by singing softly or whispering sweet nothings into his or her ear while she snoozes peacefully in your arms.


 Reduces Stress

Touching and holding a newborn is an effective way to lower stress levels for both parents and babies. Children are soothed by gentle rubbing, stroking, and massaging, which can help relax you too. Research has shown that infants who receive plenty of touches will be calmer babies, who tend to cry less often than their non-massaged counterparts. A calm baby is a happy baby! Gentle touches also help to form emotional bonds between parent and child while boosting bonding hormones such as oxytocin.



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