The Best Baby Foods To Start With

By the time your child has turned six months old, you’ll likely be ready to feed them best baby foods. However, because your child’s digestive system isn’t fully developed. You’ll want to take care not to feed them things that are difficult to digest or that might cause allergies later on in life. Here are the best foods for babies to start with, all of which are easy to digest and safe options for allergies, so you can rest assured your child will enjoy eating their first solid foods. Plus, many of these foods are also great for older children and adults!


Fruits Best Baby Foods

best baby foods

Choosing which baby foods are the best for your baby, be aware that fruits are very healthy. Some babies may not like fruit right away, but most will warm up to it after they get used to new flavours. You can help by offering new fruits in small amounts at first and then adding more of them over time. Be sure that any fresh fruit you offer your baby is cleaned well, even if it is peeled. Cut peaches into wedges instead of serving them whole. Cut avocados in half so that less of their skin touches your baby’s lips. Iceberg lettuce should also be avoided because it contains almost no nutrition compared to other leafy greens.



Vegetables baby food

Children need a wide variety of vegetables as early as possible. There are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t be feeding your baby a mixed vegetable-based diet from an early age. For one, studies have shown that a greater amount of vegetable-based best baby foods in a child’s diet can help prevent obesity later in life. Secondly, vegetables have been shown to help strengthen a child’s immune system and fight off illness more effectively. Not only is it good for their health, but it can also provide them with peace of mind knowing that they are eating something that is proven beneficial to their growth and development.



proteins | best baby foods

Babies need protein. Breast milk provides complete protein (including all essential amino acids) and it also has high-quality fats (such as DHA, which helps develop a baby’s eyesight). Because breast milk doesn’t contain iron, babies need complementary foods that are rich in iron starting at about six months. Good sources of iron include meat, fish, lentils, and beans. Vitamin C helps infants absorb more iron from non-meat sources. Talk to your paediatrician about what other vitamins and minerals your baby need for healthy growth.


Grains | Best Baby Foods


A number of grains are considered safe and healthy options for babies. Oatmeal is a common choice, as it’s high in fibre and considered easy on delicate baby tummies. Other grains that can be safely consumed by young children include whole-grain rice and wheat. Which provides dietary fibre and minerals in a digestible form. Grain products containing gluten should not be fed to babies under the age of three years, according to MedlinePlus. Due to an increased risk of developing celiac disease if introduced too early. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley that can cause damage when consumed by those who have an intolerance or sensitivity. In addition to grains, fruits such as bananas are good sources of carbohydrates that your baby can easily digest.

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Baby Cereal


Starting a baby on cereal is a great idea. It’s an excellent source of iron, which supports healthy brain development. Besides, whole grains are rich in complex carbohydrates that will help babies develop healthy gut bacteria. Pick a commercial brand that includes whole grains as the first ingredients or make your own by mixing breast milk or formula with rice, oats, barley, or quinoa. Mixing ground-up vegetables is also a good way to diversify your baby’s diet.

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