Cosleeping With Your Baby – The Benefits Of It

The word cosleeping may not seem like something you’re interested in. But have you ever considered the benefits of cosleeping with your baby? If not, it’s time to reconsider. Cosleeping with your baby can improve many aspects of your life, from helping your baby sleep better at night to giving you more energy during the day because you’ll be getting more rest. Here are some of the many benefits that cosleeping with your baby can provide.


Cosleeping with your baby


What is cosleeping?

Cosleeping is an alternative child-rearing practice where babies sleep in bed with their parents. This practice has become more popular, especially among fathers. Since a 2010 study found that newborns in cosleeping families have better sleep and less crying than those in separate-room arrangements. It might sound unconventional or dangerous, but it can have numerous benefits for both parents and children—if done right. For example, research suggests that cosleeping decreases colic symptoms in infants while also improving breastfeeding success rates. If you’re considering introducing cosleeping into your family or if you’re already cosleeping but are looking for ways to make it work better for everyone involved, here are some basic tips.



Benefits of cosleeping with your baby

Babies who co-sleep are more likely to breastfeed for longer, according to a study from Dr. James McKenna of Notre Dame University. This could be due in part because breastfeeding mothers aren’t as exhausted. Or it could be because babies learn better from their mothers’ body language when they’re close by. Also, children who co-sleep might develop closer relationships with their parents. Research has shown that parents are less stressed around their kids if they’re sleeping close, which leads to greater attachment and less anxiety around sleep. A study found that children who shared a room with parents were more independent than those who didn’t—likely because they had mastered going back to sleep on their own once they’d been put down awake in a crib at night.



Where should I cosleep?

Your choice of sleeping location will depend on a variety of factors, including whether you have a bed partner or not. Some parents feel more comfortable having their baby sleep in bed with them. Others would prefer that their babies sleep in another room. It’s up to you as parent. You are ultimately responsible for what’s best for your child. When choosing where to cosleep with a baby, make sure there is no way for your child or you (the parent) to get caught between anything—such as large gaps between mattresses or between large pieces of furniture. Also, keep in mind that it can be difficult (but not impossible) for both mom and dad to be able to nurse or care for their newborn when sharing a bed.



How do I create a safe sleeping environment?

Babies sleep best when they are at their mother’s breast, in their own bed, on a safe mattress. Co-sleeping offers all of these things but it’s important that we create a safe space for our babies. It can be an overwhelming thought to think about all of the ways our environment might not be ideal for our little ones but don’t worry: there are simple ways to make sure that you are cosleeping safely.

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Baby Sleeping Environment


How do I settle my baby at night?

Babies require a lot of sleep, often more than most parents can provide. To help meet that need, cosleeping is becoming increasingly popular. Here are some tips for how to get started. With these methods, you can gently help your little one fall asleep on their own. Keep in mind that different babies will have different needs, so be prepared to experiment until you find something that works for both of you.

However, keep in mind that you may not always have time for elaborate bedtime rituals. Sometimes it’s just a case of rocking them and rolling them. But making sure they get enough rest is important, especially when they’re young. Doing what you can do right now might save problems later on down the road when they won’t go to sleep without their favorite stuffed animal or blanket (and chances are it’s dirty). Whatever method you use, just know they’ll grow out of it – soon enough no will mean no!


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