Maximizing Infant Development: The Vital Role of Play Mats for Baby

play mat for baby

Baby care playmats are thrilling and safe ways to boost up your little one’s physical, cognitive growth, social or sensory development. Many parents have wrong assumptions that a play mat for a baby is not an exciting or ideal tool because infants do not appreciate it to play instead of the mother’s lap. That’s why […]

The basics of Bathing of Newborn Safely

baby bath tub

Bathing of newborn is an important aspect of a baby’s care and development. It not only keeps the baby clean and fresh, but it also helps to bond with the baby and create a positive experience. However, with a newborn’s delicate skin and developing body systems, it’s essential to take extra precautions to ensure their […]

How to soothe a crying newborn | Parenting

mother trying to soothe a crying baby by feeder

How to soothe a crying newborn can be a challenging task for new parents, it can be overwhelming and stressful to try and figure out why your baby cry and how to soothe a crying newborn. Crying is a natural and necessary way for babies to communicate their needs and emotions, but it can be […]



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