How to care for newborn hair – A complete guide

silky and smooth hairs by care for newborn hair

As a new parent, taking care for newborn hair can be both exciting and overwhelming. One area that may be particularly daunting is caring for your baby’s hair. Newborn hair can be fine and delicate, and it’s important to use the right techniques and products to keep it healthy and clean. In this article, we […]

8 Ways To Cope With A Birth Injury

birth injury

A birth injury occurs when a baby is born with a congenital or acquired defect. There are many types of birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and Down syndrome. When a child is born with a birth injury, it can affect the entire family. It’s important not to feel overwhelmed by the news […]

10 Things About Infant Cognitive Development

Baby Playing

Infant cognitive development is a complex process that influences the way we learn and think throughout our lifetime. The way infants learn has significant implications on their later success in school. However, it’s important to remember that not every child will show cognitive growth at the same rate. What constitutes as a “normal” rate of […]

Baby Teething Timeline: What You Need To Know

baby teething

When it comes to baby teething, you want to know what’s going on with your little one and why they’re acting the way they are at each stage of their journey from no teeth to all their teeth in place. You may wonder, when will my baby start teething? Why does my baby have swollen […]

10 Reasons To Go With Cloth Diapers

cloth diapers

Cloth diapers have come a long way from the days of pinning and folding cotton diapers, but there are still many parents out there who think that cloth diapers are simply too time-consuming or require too much laundering to be worth the effort. If you’re among them, it’s time to reconsider! Here are 10 reasons […]

Fever In Infants: What Should You Do?

How do you know if the fever in infants is a bad thing? The answer depends on what his normal temperature range is, since most babies have slightly elevated temperatures at all times, so it’s important to know what’s normal before you panic. This article explains when to worry about your baby’s fever and when […]

Newborn Gift Ideas: These Are On Trend In 2022

Newborn Gift Ideas

How do you know what to buy when it comes to newborn gift ideas? If you’re shopping for someone who just had a baby, congratulations! It’s probably their first child and they will surely appreciate your generosity. However, if you are stumped on what to get them as a gift, don’t worry! We’ve created this […]

Newborn Hospital Bag Checklist: The Essentials

Newborn Hospital Bag

A hospital bag checklist is key when getting ready to have a baby, especially if this will be your first time giving birth. The last thing you want to do is forget something important at the last minute, or worse, arrive at the hospital without anything you need! To help you get started and keep […]

5 Baby Care Tips For New Moms

baby care

Baby care might seem like a pretty straightforward process to most new moms, but there are many things that new parents don’t realize they need to be doing, and many mistakes they don’t know they’re making until it’s too late. This guide on baby care will help you get off on the right foot with […]

10 Amazing Facts about Baby Growth

Baby Growth

Baby growth is amazing! Babies are constantly growing in size and learning new things every day. It’s amazing to see how quickly babies develop and grow during the first few years of their lives when compared to later on in life. For instance, up until age 5, your child can grow as much as 4-5 […]