9 Things Parents Can Do To Help Curious Infants

Curious Infants

Curious infants explore the world around them with gusto and enthusiasm, but they can often get into trouble when exploring new environments. When it comes to helping curious infants, it’s important to always be mindful of how their new environment can pose dangers to them, even if you’re certain that everything in the environment is […]

What Is The Best Way To Teach Infants?

teach infants

It can be difficult to teach infants new skills, but these tips will help you create effective, fun lessons. First, you’ll want to introduce one new skill at a time so your infant can properly learn it before moving on to the next activity. By doing this, he’ll be more likely to retain the information […]

Twin Pregnancy: Symptoms, Signs, And Body Changes

twin pregnancy

The most obvious symptom of twin pregnancy occurs before you even know you’re pregnant when one egg is fertilized and two zygotes are created, each with its own placenta and umbilical cord. If you don’t know whether you’re carrying twins or not, however, the rest of your symptoms are likely to give you away. Below […]

Baby Massage: The Benefits Of Soothing Therapy

baby massage

What’s the one thing you do every day that makes your baby happy? Baby massage, of course! What’s the one thing you do every day that makes your baby healthier? Baby massage, of course! What’s the one thing you do every day that helps with your baby’s development? Baby massage, of course! If you’re not […]

8 Types of Twins You Didn’t Know Existed

types of twins

A lot of people know about fraternal twins and identical twins, but few know about the eight different types of twins you didn’t know existed until now. Check out this comprehensive list of the various types of twins and what makes them unique! Double Identical (Dizygotic) In dizygotic twins, also known as fraternal twins, two […]

Baby Music: Ten Songs That Melt Your Baby’s Heart

Baby music

Baby music? Isn’t all music just baby music, anyway? Sure, there are lullabies out there that have been written specifically to calm your infant, but what about songs that are good for babies no matter how they were created? Here are 10 songs that will melt your baby’s heart and make them feel safe and […]

Screen Time For Babies: What You Need To Know

Screen Time For Babies

Screen time for babies. What does it mean? It’s a loaded term, with parents and educators alike often disagreeing about what it means and how much of it babies should be exposed to. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about screen time and babies, including the signs that your baby has […]

Top 6 Benefits of Infant Massage

Baby sleeping

Infant massage (also known as baby massage) is the act of massaging babies and young children in order to improve their health and well-being, among other reasons. Recent studies have shown that infant massage can help with everything from weight gain to stress reduction. Increasing the chances of developing long-term effects on overall health and […]

The 5 Ways Your Baby’s Sense of Humor Develops

Baby's Sense of Humor

When babies are just born, it seems like all they do is cry, cry, cry. But babies are actually pretty funny – there’s no denying that. The reason your baby’s sense of humor develops the way it does has to do with the fact that their brains are constantly developing in complex ways. It’s fascinating […]


Baby bath

Your baby cries when you put them to bed, and they wake up again when you put them back in their crib or bassinet an hour later. If you’re like most parents, this situation sounds all too familiar, and you’re on the lookout for tips to help your baby sleep through the night. Fortunately, if […]