Babies Are Wise-Beyond Their Years

If you don’t believe that babies are wise, you’re living in fool’s heaven. You’ll be surprised at how they interact with their parents in their new world and how it works! Here are some things which will proof that babies are wise!


They have great patience



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to teach a baby? We have, and we’ve found that they have a surprising amount of patience. They don’t have any expectations and don’t feel pressure to perform or act in certain ways. Rather just know who they are and what is around them. They live each moment as it comes. It is an attitude we all should strive for which proves that babies are wise!


They know exactly what they want



To be fed, to be changed, to sleep, and to play. They don’t complain or ask questions. They simply know what they need and do whatever it takes to get it—even if that means crying nonstop until you get up at 2 a.m. And even though they may not use words as adults do, their actions speak volumes about how smart they really are. How your little ones exhibit wisdom beyond their years While babies may seem young and helpless, within them lies an abundance of wisdom.

As parents, we can take comfort in knowing our children already have so much going for them! After all, if babies can master walking before their first birthday (some earlier than others), surely we can trust that they’ll develop strong skills like communicating early on too. Babies will never cease to amaze us with just how much they learn and understand while still in diapers! Even when it seems difficult at times, we should trust that these tiny humans have an entire lifetime ahead of them to hone many different skills necessary for success in adulthood. This type of behavior and attitude proof that babies are wise.


They come into this world pure



They don’t know anything except what they experience. Some of them, of course, come into it with a little more wisdom than others. But all babies are born without preconceived notions or any assumptions about what is supposed to happen in life. It isn’t until we take that wisdom and beat it up with our preconceived notions and expectations that things get complicated. Babies don’t have any preconceived notions or expectations when they start out—they simply go with their gut feeling. If it feels good, if it tastes good, if it sounds good, if it looks fun. This probably is fun! And that kind of freedom from overthinking things can be infectious for everyone else around them. This also make you realize that babies are wise.

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They love you unconditionally



You might think your dog or cat is super loving, but nothing makes you feel better than knowing your baby loves you despite being covered in spit-up, poop, and looking a bit like an alien. Babies don’t care how gross you look; they love you unconditionally from day one. Babies also have great empathy: The moment your tears begin to fall, so will theirs — even if they’re not quite sure why. They’re extremely sensitive to your feelings and often cry when they sense something is wrong with their parents. You can learn a lot about yourself by watching your little one as she observes you and others around her.

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