10 Reasons To Go With Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers have come a long way from the days of pinning and folding cotton diapers, but there are still many parents out there who think that cloth diapers are simply too time-consuming or require too much laundering to be worth the effort. If you’re among them, it’s time to reconsider! Here are 10 reasons why cloth diapering may be the right choice for your family.

Get rid of disposables

cloth diapers

Babies can go through as many as 12,000 diapers in a year. That’s around 2 per day. They may be convenient, but they aren’t particularly economical or environmentally friendly. So why not do something different? Cloth diapers are easy to use and have far fewer chemicals than their disposable counterparts. Consider getting rid of disposables and giving cloth diapering a try!

Low Pricing

cloth diapers

The average baby will go through a minimum of 3,000 diapers in his or her lifetime. That’s a lot of cash. One way to cut costs is to use cloth diapers. Even though they require an initial investment, cloth diapering can end up being much cheaper than buying disposables over time. Plus, the cloth is better for your baby and better for our planet!

No Stock Needed

cloth diapers

You may not have heard, but cloth diapers are making a comeback. Not only are they much better for babies’ sensitive skin, but they’re also way more eco-friendly than disposable. Since you’ll need less of them and you won’t be using toxic chemicals on your baby, you won’t need to worry about running out or having enough at home.

Change less often

cloth diapers

Parents change an average of 8 times per day when using disposable diapers, which means there’s a lot of handling dirty diapers. If you’re going with cloth, you can change your baby less often, saving you time and reducing the risk for infections such as staph or MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Diaper rash is also more common among those who use disposables because parents do not change as often.

No diaper rash

The great thing about cloth diapers is that they’re super soft, making them great for your baby’s sensitive skin. They also hold moisture better than disposables, lessening diaper rash. The soft material also doesn’t irritate new moms’ nipples as easily as disposable diapers do, either!

Add a liner when out & about

Liners are a great way to discreetly stash dirty diapers in your purse or diaper bag. If you’re out and about, stick a liner in your purse for easy disposal. If you’re at home, add liners under your baby’s diaper for extra protection. Baby won’t feel it, but you will!

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Take them in the car

While cloth diapers used to be a hassle, modern versions are designed for use in cars. They’re shaped like disposables and available in waterproof materials. That means you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or dirty when your baby wets or soils them. Just change them out at a rest stop when traveling and you can keep your journey clean and comfortable. And save yourself time and money as well.

Use cloth diapers as burp cloths

No matter what you’re feeding baby. Whether it’s breast milk, formula, or solids. It comes out hot and gooey. That means no matter how fastidious you are about cleaning burp cloths and bibs, they often need a second helping of clean-up.

Wash at night, put away in morning (if using daycare)

One of the biggest issues people face when cloth diapering is a lack of time in their day. Between work, childcare, errands, and all your other daily responsibilities. It’s not easy finding extra time in your day to do a load of laundry. As a result, many parents end up doing all their wash in one sitting. Either at night or once a week on Saturday morning before everyone gets up.

Do laundry every 2–3 days

No one wants to do laundry, but when you have a family of four kids (or three dogs), there’s no choice. Set up a regular laundry schedule and stick to it. We recommend washing diapers every two or three days; in between, soak them in cold water until it’s time for your next wash.


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